It is each User’s responsibility to make sure they fully understand exactly what they are consenting to. Wantme? does not ask for, or store, any information about the scope of the consent given or obtained.
If you or your partner are inebriated / intoxicated / incapacitated for any reason, consent is not possible!
Even if a record of affirmative consent is created, consent can be withdrawn at any time! Having consented before anything gets started does not mean that the consent is valid for any amount of time, or for any specific acts.

1. What is Wantme?

Wantme? is a tool for people who wish to engage in voluntary, informed and consensual sexual activities.
Wantme? provides 3 basic services:
1) Education as to what does and does not constitute sexual consent;
2) Creating opportunities for discussions about consensual sexual activity;
3) Registering clear instances of consent.

2. Why should I use Wantme?

Have a conversation

Communicating with your partner before engaging in any sexual activity helps foster trust, respect, and clarity about an individual’s desires and limits. Wantme? provides its users with a reason to have these discussions, that might otherwise be avoided or overlooked.
Asking your partner what they want is the only way to know what they might like, so ask them! It is important to establish what you and your partner may or may not be comfortable with. Shared understanding is also essential for valid consent. Talking about what it is you want before you do it is a good way to make sure you and your partner are getting what you want out of the experience.

Giving consent

Affirmative consent, or “yes means yes”, is rapidly becoming the standard for consenting to sex. What this means is that after having a discussion and establishing a mutual understanding of your partner’s wishes, sexual partners still have a responsibility to “affirm” what they are consenting to. Silence, lack of protest, or resistance are not signals that consent has been affirmed.
Wantme? gives users a fast, simple, discrete, and secure tool for affirming that they have given their consent to, and obtained consent from, their partner.

3. Which devices will it work on?

Wantme? will be available on iOS or Android handsets and tablets.

4. Is my information secure?

Keeping your data safe is our paramount concern. Wantme? uses industry “best practices” as a benchmark and strives to be a leader in data security measures. We are committed to maintaing the highest level encryption and incorporate multiple layers of infrastructure security, including offline and offsite strategies.

We treat the sensitive nature of your data with the utmost respect. You can rest assured knowing that Wantme? employs “Privacy by Design” principles.

“Privacy by Design (PbD) is an approach to protecting privacy by embedding it into the design specifications of technologies, business practices, and physical infrastructures. That means building in privacy up front – right into the design specifications and architecture of new systems and processes. PbD is predicated on the idea that, at the outset, technology is inherently neutral. As much as it can be used to chip away at privacy, it can also be enlisted to protect privacy.”

(see https://www.ipc.on.ca/english/privacy/introduction-to-pbd/)

5. What if someone forces or coerces me to use Wantme?

We have designed Wantme? to feature some built-in safeguards to prevent misuse, or abuse, of the consent logging utility.
Users are able to configure an alarm through Wantme? by pre-registering the names and phone numbers of friends, family, or anyone else they would like to have as emergency contacts. When a User triggers an alarm, the microphone on their device – and the device of their partner - will be activated and begin streaming audio to Wantme? servers. Simultaneously, Wantme? automatically sends SMS messages to emergency contacts advising them to call you immediately and provides them with your phone number and location co-ordinates.

More Questions?

Wantme? is committed to inclusivity and accessibility. We welcome any and all questions, concerns, or compliments!
If you have a question that we have not answered above, please let us know and we will be happy to respond. If it is a response that might benefit the Wantme? community, we shall include it with the above FAQs.

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